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Stagers Holding Area 

We have designated 950 sq feet for stagers that just want to use the warehouse without all of the extras they go with being in the rental pool. 


Benefits of being in the Stagers Holding Area 

Add in every benefit they they receive when using the holding area 

  • drive in bay 

  • heated 

  • ground floor only no elevators to deal with 

  • add a comparison from storage units 

The 950 sq feet has been broken up into the following 

2 - 50 sq ft available for a 1 month rental term @ $137.00 (plus GST) monthly 

3 - 150 sq Ft area available for 3 month term @ $273.00 (plus GST) monthly

2 - 200 sq ft areas available for 6 month term @ $332.00 (plus GST) monthly

Once your term is up you can either decide to join the Shared Rental Pool and receive more benefits or renew your term if the space is not booked by another stager. 

Warehouse Terms and Conditions 
  • All Stagers must sign a sublease agreement

  • All Stagers must pay a damage deposit that equals 1 month rent. 

  • You must provide a up to date copy of your Insurance Policy (we are full covered for insurance purposes but we do require a copy of your up to date insurance policy to adhere to the landlords conditions) 

  • Stagers must pay their own moving expenses to bring inventory/bins/racking or any other items to the warehouse

HS Centre is not responsible and will not be involved with the following  

  • any of the inventory or rental agreements/income. 

  • inventory management and repairs / cleaning

  • packing or unpacking inventory  (unless HS Centre has been hired to do so) 

    • Inventory must be put away within a 2 hour time frame of being brought back to the warehouse.

  • booking movers 

  • making sure all correct items is on the Moving Truck 

  • any damaged inventory

Stagers must supply 

  • own bins, packing material, repair kits and cleaning kits

  • own racking if required (racking cannot be bolted to the floor and cannot be higher than 84” or 7 feet  due to safety codes)

  • Stagers may put up temporary fencing upon approval to adhere with fire and safety codes 

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