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Why should I choose to come into a staging pool? Choosing to be part of a Shared Rental pool is where you can expand your inventory selection. You are able to maximize the utilization of your inventory by renting to other Stagers instead of it sitting in your warehouse. Also, this way everyone can stage every home appropriately and affordably and aren’t limited by what they can afford. We help each other with exceptional designs. Everyone benefits. Plus it's a whole lot more fun!

Where will the warehouse be located? We are located at Bay1, 1411 25th Ave NE, Calgary

How big is the facility? The warehouse is 4,560 sq ft including 1,400 sq feet of office space.

Are there inventory rental minimums? There is no minimum quantity or dollar amount to meet when you rent inventory. You can stage the entire home with the Shared Rental Pool and are more than welcome to rent a single chair, a piece of art, or just a pillow! There is an initial MINIMUM 30-day rental for every item, even if you only need it for a day or week. After the first 30 days, you are only charged in bi-weekly increments for the items that you are renting.

If I am in the Stager's Rental pool, do I have to pay rent on my own inventory? Yes you will have to pay rent on your own furniture. The rental fee is to cover all inventory management cost

I'm in the Stager's Rental pool - what happens if my inventory is damaged? No different from what you are currently doing. If inventory is damaged the Stager that has rented your inventory is responsible to either pay for the repairs or replace the damaged inventory. There is a clause in the rental agreement. We will inspect all inventory coming back into the warehouse to make sure there is no damages.

When and how do I pay? When you submit your online order, you will provide your credit card at checkout (we only accept VISA or MasterCard). The charge will be for the first 30-day rental. Sales tax, delivery services (if applicable) and a Bin fee of $5 per bin will be included in your total. (The bin fee will be reimbursed back to you once the bins are returned to the warehouse)

How long can I place a hold on an item? You can hold an item 7 days prior to your scheduled delivery date. 3 days prior to your scheduled delivery date you will not be able to change your order.

What if I want to keep rentals longer than 30 days? Renewals are automatically pre-billed for 14 days on day 31 of your rental period if items have not been returned or a destage request has not been made. ​Destage requests must be submitted at least 7 days in advance of the date requested. Your destage request must be confirmed or you will continue to be charged for pre-billed renewals. If a partial return is made, you will only be billed for the items you are still renting. If you have already received confirmation of your destage, but would like to extend the rental period, you will be charged the pre-billed 7-day amount until your request for a new destage has been confirmed.

Can I keep the rentals and move to another property? Yes. It will be rented out as a new property so new rental agreement must be signed and if you require Movers there will be a new charge.

What if I only want to use the warehouse but do not want to rent to other stagers? You are more than welcome to store your items in the warehouse. You pay for the space you require and we will separate your inventory from the rental pool. You will be responsible for your own inventory management, racking, movers, packing of inventory and putting away. Inventory must be put away within a 2 hour time frame of being brought back to the warehouse. HS is not responsible for any damaged inventory

What if my sofa is out and it's the one the realtor wants me to use? You rent another sofa and why are you letting the realtor dictate what furniture is being used in the property?

I do not want my inventory to be rented to occupied homes. You are in control of where your inventory is going and what type of home it is being put into. For occupied homes we will have furniture available for them however there will be a deep cleaning fee put into the rental cost. Example A sofa rented out for a vacant property would be $125. A sofa rented out for a occupied property will be $150.00

What is stopping Homeowners and Realtors from coming in to rent? We will rent directly to Homeowners or Realtors as we are all currently renting our inventory to them directly now. However, we have a 10% increase on each inventory piece for Homeowners or Realtors if they are not a Certified Staging Company. We will let them know that only Stagers get a discount in hopes that they will go with a Stager instead of doing it themselves. Example Homeowner/Realtor comes in to rent a sofa for their occupied home. Sofa rental for a stager is $150.00 sofa rental for a Homeowner/Realtor will be $165.00

I want to use my own inventory and renting someone else's inventory will cost me $$ Actually you are still making money if your inventory is rented out and you have to rent someone else's ​ Your sofa rented you earn  $90.00 Your rent someone's sofa @$150.00 You charge rent to the client @$157.50 (5% markup on rental) Your TOTAL Revenue is    $97.50 Also renting someone else's inventory increases your portfolio diversification as you are not using the same items over and over again.

What if I don't want to stage anymore will you still rent out my furniture? Its up to you if you would like to continue with renting out your inventory we are happy to keep it in the Rental Pool

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