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Stagers Shared Rental Pool 

Imagine just sitting down on your sofa to plan your next job instead of spending a whole day running all over town to find the right pieces for your next staging project. 

By pooling furnishings and other inventory, Stagers can stage every home appropriately and affordably through our online line catalogue without having to run around purchasing costly inventory. 

With a shared rental pool, Stagers can expand their inventory together, maximize the utilization of their inventory by renting to each other. No one wants to see the same furniture moved from home to home! By staging with the right furniture for each style and price-point, we can help each other with exceptional designs. Everyone benefits. Plus it's a whole lot more fun!

But of course if you want to come in to say hello and hand pick your items you are always welcome.

Warehouse Terms and Conditions 

Stagers in the rental pool have over 3000 sq ft of warehouse space to not only store their inventory but to pick inventory from.  

​Stagers in Rental Pool can choose from three different term options 

  • 36 month term Base rent $11.00

  • 18 Month Term Base Rent $11.25 ​

  • 12 month term Base Rent $11.50

Op Cost of $7.46 plus GST (added to base rent)  

  • All Stagers must sign a sublease agreement

  • All Stagers must pay a damage deposit that equals 1 month rent. 

  • You must provide a up to date copy of your Insurance Policy (we are fully covered for insurance purposes but we do require a copy of your up to date insurance policy to adhere to the landlords conditions) 

  • Stagers are responsible to pay their own moving expenses to bring inventory/bins/racking or any other items to the warehouse

Inventory Management 

We surveyed 65 Stagers and only 2 used an inventory management system, but not to its full potential. All surveyed stagers only do quick repairs/cleaning of inventory on the job site.

98% of stagers answered No to the following

  • Know what their inventory depreciation is for tax purposes

  • What inventory you can use for tax purposes

  • Know what inventory costs you vs makes you in revenue

  • How to figure out the right rental rate (the rental rate formula) 

  • How to figure out when inventory is paid for and is earning you money

  • Know what items to sell off (the typical answer was items that have been sitting on the shelf for a long time and when they can get around to it).

Your inventory is one of the top things in your business that makes you money! So why do you not have better management over it? 

To help you with inventory management HS will do the following

  • ​Manage inventory rentals

    • Managing Availability Calendar

    • Managing Booking & Reservations

    • Manage Rental Agreements 

    • Track and collect rental payments 

    • Inventory Cleaning & Repairs

    • Location Tracking 

  • Preparing inventory for staging and destaging

    • Provided packing material /bins

    • Packing for stages

    • Unpacking and putting inventory away

    • Scheduling movers for stages and destages

    • Confirming everything on moving truck

    • Destage Service at preferred pricing 

  • Reports and Analytics

    • Depreciation of Equipment

    • Manage Rental Agreements

    • Payment Collections

    • Tax Accounting Reporting

    • Analytic Reporting

    • History Trail of Inventory Usage

Inventory Management Cost 

Cost for Inventory management will be at 45-55 split. The Stager will earn 55% of the rental income where 45% of rental income will stay with HS Staging Centre. 

The 45% will cover:

  • Staffing

  • Packing materials, bins and bedding bags, furniture wrap

  • Inventory Racking 

  • Repair kits, cleanings kits and tools

  • Inventory Systems fees

    • Inputting and keeping all inventory current and up to date

    • Photos and measurements of inventory

    • QR and Bar codes 

  • Administration 

Wrapping the Couch

Inventory Rent Cost Example

These prices are examples only! Set Rental cost will be based on rental formula

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