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HS Staging Centre for Stagers 

HS Staging Center is a centralized Stager's facility built for Calgary and surrounding area Stagers.

A place where we come together, helping each other with growing our businesses. 


“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much” Helen Keller

Unite. Support. Grow ​

Our Reason For Being 

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After surveying 65 stagers in Calgary and the surrounding area, I asked two questions "What is getting in your way?" and "What would you love help with?"

And to no surprise, they are all facing the same issues.

Question 1

Name the 3 biggest things getting in your way of success. The most common responses were: 

  • Warehouse space and cost

  • Cost of inventory  

  • Warehousing the inventory  

  • Inventory Management

  • Time Management

  • Delivery and Mover cost

Question 2

What 3 things would you love help with?

The most common responses were

  • Getting all the administration done

  • Growing the business

  • Social Media Management

How much time do Stagers spend weekly on their business activities

During the survey to the Stagers, we asked how many hours per week they spend on business activities.

Based on a 40 hour work week, the average Stager spends approximately 10-15 hours per week on activities that cost them money, but spends very little time on the activities that make money (staging, inventory management, networking) and even less time on themselves.

I want you to stop and ask yourself,  “If I could have 10-15 hours back per week, what would I do?”

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How HS Staging Centre Can Help

  • Providing a staging community where Stagers can come together to help achieve your business goals

  • Creating powerful supportive partnerships 

  • Making shared warehousing space available to decrease warehousing costs but still giving you room to grow

  • Maximizing the utilization of your inventory through a shared rental pool so that you can expand your inventory together, while generating a 2nd form of income

  • Saving you time looking for inventory through Our Online Inventory Catalogue 

  • Helping you with inventory management 

  • Helping you find an Staging Assistant through our Assistant’s List

  • Helping you save time with destaging

  • Partnering up with some of the best Staging Trainers who can help you with all aspects of your business and make you stand out 

  • Offering job shadowing through some of our best Calgary stagers that have been in the biz for over 7yrs

  • Creating networking opportunities to help you set up a referral system

  • Keeping up with the trends for home furnishings, HS has partnered up with some wholesalers who you can purchase through at wholesale pricing

  • Referring with photographers, house cleaners, flooring companies, movers, general contractors just to name a few

  • Being able to spend your time more efficiently so you actually have MORE time to do the things you love

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