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Warehousing space was one of the top 3 business struggles that Stagers stated from the survey we conducted.

Almost all Stagers voiced that they were quickly running out of room and required a larger space, however due to costs could not afford it. Stagers reported paying approximately between $300 - $2,500.00 per month for storage.

The purpose of the warehouse is for Stagers to have a convenient place to store their inventory while still having room to grow our businesses.

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Warehouse Space Details

The Warehouse space is located at Bay 1, 1411- 25th Ave NE, Calgary.

1 drive In loading bay  

3160 sq feet of warehouse space 

2 offices and boardroom 

Full Security system with indoor and outdoors camera  

Warehousing Rental Options

To help you with warehouse space you have 2 options to choose. You can join the Stagers Rental Pool or if you just need space you can join the Stagers Holding Area 


Stagers Rental Pool

Click here to find out more about the Stager's Shared Rental Pool

Modern Interior Design

Stagers Holding Area

Click here to find out more about the Stager's Holding Area 


Not sure how much space you need or what term you should choose? Use our cost comparison 

Your Current Space Size

Your Current Monthly Cost $ 

To figure out your current space square footage multiply the length by the width. 

An oversize double garage 24x24 = 576 sq ft 
Storage units - Unit 1-10x20 = 200 sq ft or Unit 2 - 20x20 = 400 sq ft

Stagers Rental Pool
Stagers Holding Area

Your monthly cost with being part

of the Stagers Rental Pool is  

Your current cost 

Stagers Holding Area Cost 

OP Cost $7.30 and GST added to monthly cost 

6 month term 

3 month term 

1 month term 


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