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Meet Tricia 

I will never forget how this all started.


One night my husband came home from work and said he had been transferred to a new city. Within days the “For Sale” sign was up on our lawn. As we were on a short timeline, we felt stressed that we would not get the viewings we needed to sell quickly without losing money on our investment in the home. Both my husband and I felt panicked and discouraged.  Should we drop the asking price again? Could we make it work paying two mortgages? We truly felt stuck in a miserable situation and as a mother of two young children I didn't know where to turn next.

One night while cleaning up after dinner and listening to the news I was stopped in my tracks. The news was a special feature on Home Staging, so I spoke to my husband about possibly staging our house. He told me he wasn’t really sure it would work but he said let's give it a try.

So the next day I called a staging company as I wasn't sure where to start or even how to start. I booked a consultation with them, they came and gave suggestions on furniture, art placement, what we should or shouldn't pack up and even suggested some easy repairs around the house (who knew staging to sell and staging to live are two very different things). After everything was done I called our realtor (who was the sweetest person ever!!) and asked if we could redo the MLS Photos. She agreed.


So up went the new photos and within 4 days we had competing offers and we sold the house 6.4% above our original asking price! My only regret was not having a pre-listing consultation done before we listed.


After we sold, it hit me. Surely, we weren’t the only family feeling discouraged about how long it was taking to sell our home before it was staged. So, through some intensive training I opened my own Home Staging Business (which was perfect for me as I am naturally creative and have always had an eye for design). I decided to set this dream into action. I knew I would cater to people like me, people who wanted to sell their current home quickly and for the top dollar without spending a small fortune to make it happen.

Fast forward many years with experience under my belt, I have found it is my mission to provide knowledgeable expertise to help others. I consistently see the same results using home staging. Clients sell their homes faster for a higher return. Through home staging my team will provide the ultimate selling advantage for you by presenting your home above all others.

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Tricia Stojke 

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