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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

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Our Story

Founded in 2014, Homes Scape Home Staging & Design has been built on the vision of uncompromising service and reliability to our cliental who are either selling, living or renting out their properties.

Throughout those years we have built relationships based on hard work and dedication.  Our competitive edge has always been our passion, knowledge and experience.  We will always listen to your concerns and come up with practical, custom and creative designs for your property.

We are able to provide our clients with no surprises, just real, get-it done methods that stay true to your needs and wants.

Meet The Team

Meet Tricia 

I will never forget how this all started.


One night my husband came home from work and said he had been transferred to a new city. Within days the “For Sale” sign was up on our lawn. As we were on a short timeline, we felt stressed that we would not get the viewings we needed to sell quickly without losing money on our investment in the home. Both my husband and I felt panicked and discouraged.  Should we drop the asking price again? Could we make it work by paying two mortgages? We truly felt stuck in a miserable situation and as a mother of two young children, I didn't know where to turn next.

Our Partners/or awards

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