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Spreading Happiness 

One Project At A Time 

Looking for a way to maximize your home's selling potential? Look no further than HS Home Staging & Design. Our team specializes in creating unique and authentic designs that will make your space stand out. Whether your home is occupied, vacant, or new construction, we've worked on countless projects just like yours. Each one has been a labor of love, designed to bring joy and satisfaction to both us and our clients. Check out our portfolio for inspiration on what we can do for you, and let's start transforming your space today.

Downtown Calgary

Canals, Airdrie

Mission, Calgary

Luxstone, Airdrie

Mara Loop, Calgary

Killarney, Calgary 

Douglasdale, Calgary

Elboya, Calgary

Charleswood, Calgary

Southwood, Calgary

Bel Aire, Calgary

Coopers Crossing, Airdrie

Beltline, Calgary

What Our Clients Say

Tricia has been amazing for our clients! She is exceptional at staging - both vacant staging and touch up staging and design to help our clients sell their homes. She's very friendly, professional, and we always get positive feedback from our clients. 

Plintz Real Estate - Calgary Realtor 
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