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Each month, 14,000 new hosts sign-up on the Airbnb platform (not to mention sign-ups on platforms like Home Away, and VRBO).

Airbnb’s usage has grown by 1,000% since 2011 - and it’s not slowing down. What’s more, opportunity for short-term rentals extends beyond big metropolitan areas. 


When Airbnb started in 2008, travelers were excited to just have another option for stays that was more cost efficient that a hotel. Now, travelers expect more. They’re looking for the fluffy towels, the blow dryer, the ironing board … hosts have to anticipate needs to please guests. That’s where we come in. 

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The short-term rental landscape is increasingly competitive and lackluster spaces will not cut it anymore. As a staging company, we know the power of making a home inviting and the effect this has on the sale. It’s a similar scenario in the rental industry, except there are more intricacies when staging to rent because the guests will actually interact with the space … and review it. Selecting what to buy to stage a rental space takes a lot of know-how. 

​There are tricks to setting spaces and ensuring furniture, area rugs, bedding and other items needed for your short-term rental looks great for a long time and can withstand repeat use. HS helps our clients understand what it takes to outfit a space to rent and save them money in the long run.


We begin with an online Style Discovery Questionnaire for you to complete prior to our initial call. The purpose of the questionnaire is for us to have a better understanding of your goals, desires, and objectives for your project. 

During the consultation we tour your property, review your project priorities, offer immediate style enhancement suggestions, help you determine a budget, and plan the next steps.


After the tour of your property you will receive an action plan which includes what was discussed during our visit. After reviewing our action plan, you can decide whether to implement them on your own or use our services.

If you choose to use our services we will book a date to help you implement your action plan. 

Click to start your Style Discovery Questionnaire 

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